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5 Household Cleaning Gadgets You Have to Try

Since the dawn of time (or the dawn of houses), humankind has searched for ways to make cleaning easier. These household cleaning gadgets are here to help.

The Coolest Household Cleaning Gadgets Since the Carpet Sweeper

Who wouldn’t love to have The Jetsons’ Rosey the Robot to take care of the house, cook, and help care for the kids? We’re a long way off from that kind of tech, but today’s innovators are doing a pretty good job of solving a crippling first-world problem: not wanting to clean the house.

Household cleaning gadgets that can help free up time, improve your feng shui, and just make life easier:

1. BoostIQ RoboVac 11S – $139.99 on Amazon

This robot vacuum cleans hard floors and medium-pile carpets. It even increases suction power automatically! We’re choosing to highlight this robot vacuum because it’s affordable and has great reviews. It’s about as loud as a microwave and can clean for up to 100 minutes on a single charge. When it starts to run low on juice, it returns to base and charges itself. It can roll over transitions, but it does have a drop sensor to prevent it from falling down the stairs. This remote-control operated vacuum comes also includes a twelve-month warranty.

2. HUTT DDC55 Window Cleaner Robot – $259.99 on Amazon

Cleaning windows is one of those things that always falls to the bottom of the priority list. With this little remote-controlled robot, you can clean windows without lifting a finger—except the one you use to press on. It suctions to the window, so you don’t need to worry about it falling. It has three cleaning modes and comes with twelve cloths. This is a corded cleaner, but it’s versatile and can be used on shower doors, mirrors, and tile. Reviewers especially love this for getting hard-to-reach windows.

If your windows are absolutely filthy, you will need to clean them first. Then use the window cleaning robot for daily maintenance.

3. ZaneForest Electric Spin Scrubber – $25.90 on Amazon

No elbow grease is necessary for this cordless, rechargeable scrub brush! It comes with three cleaner heads and makes scrubbing showers, dishes, grout, car seats, and more a breeze. Reviewers agree it’s easy to use and effective. The three included heads are a flat brush, sponge, and scouring pad. When you buy the replacement set (just $7.99), you’ll also receive a scrub attachment.

The electric spin scrubber includes a hook, so it’s always convenient to grab and go.

4. BISSELL SpinWave Robot Pet, 2-in-1 Wet Mop and Dry Robot Vacuum – $247.49 on Amazon

The BISSELL® SpinWave® wet and dry robotic vacuum provides two ways to clean in a single revolutionary robot. The two tank system actively mops or powerfully vacuums with smart, structured cleaning paths. Use it in dry vacuuming mode to collect pet hair, dirt and other debris on carpet, area rugs and hard floors. When used in wet mopping mode, the mop pads and BISSELL cleaning solution work together to scrub floors clean.

5. TIDY app

If these gadgets aren’t inspiring you to clean your house, you can always avoid it altogether. The TIDY app lets you choose a cleaning service (home, rental, or office) and have a professional cleaner come straight to your door. You tip and rate them after they leave.

This app includes easy-to-use communication tools, and you can choose to have the cleaning done regularly or as a one-time option. TIDY is available in most major cities in the U.S. and Canada.


There are household cleaning gadgets to help with your floors, windows, beds, and just about any other surface you can think of. Or, if you need some extra help, you can always check out a cleaning app like TIDY.

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