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8 Must-Have Tools for Building a PC

Can you get by with your household toolkit when building a PC? Probably—but we have a list of tools that will make the process way easier.

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Tools Designed for Building a PC

When you venture out into the world, one of the first things you get (or a parent gets for you) is a toolset. Your basic kit should come with a couple of screwdrivers, tape measure, wrench, needle-nose pliers, hammer, and anything else you might need to hang a picture.

However, your basic toolset isn’t likely to come with everything you need to build a PC.

PC building is a delicate process. Computer parts are fragile (and expensive), and proper tools are well worth the investment.

8 Must-Have Tools for Building a PC

1. Ratcheting Screwdriver with Magnetic Tips – $15.99 on Amazon

You want a magnetic tip; trust us. You don’t know despair until you’ve built an entire computer only to lose a screw beneath the motherboard. The ratcheting feature prevents your hand from tiring, and considering how many tiny screws you install while building a PC, this is a handy feature. (Get this item)

2. Long-necked Screwdrivers – $9.99 on Amazon

You may come across some screws in hard-to-reach places, so we recommend having screwdrivers with long necks handy. These ones from Amazon have magnetic tips and are less than $10. (Get this item)

3. Screw Holder – $12.97 on Amazon

We’re going to recommend this set of magnetic trays from Amazon, but, seriously, grab a bowl. A lid. Anything. Just keep track of those screws.

Otherwise, you’re screwed. (Get this item)

4. Flashlight/Headlamp – $12.97 on Amazon

When building a PC, we recommend a headlamp. You’ll still need to whip out the flashlight on your phone once in a while to see into some nooks and crannies, but a basic headlamp like the one we link to here will ensure you can work hands-free for most of the build. (Get this item)

5. Thermal Paste – $8.95 on Amazon

Is all thermal paste created equal? Not a chance. Noctua paste has proven itself repeatedly to be one of the best on the market, and the price point is—mwah! (chef’s kiss). You’ll need thermal paste when installing your CPU and GPU. (Get this item)

6. Anti-static Mat – $19.99 on Amazon

A static shock could damage delicate circuits during your computer build. The RAM, CPU, and motherboard are all susceptible to damage from the static electricity your body may generate. Invest in some kind of anti-static mat or wristband to ensure you don’t kill your computer before you get a chance to turn it on. (Get this item)

7. Cable Management – $13.07 on Amazon

Having some dangling wires and cables is expected once you have the main components together. However, poor cable management can ruin your PC’s aesthetic. Invest in something as simple as zip ties to give your build a clean, polished look. (Get this item)

8. All-in-One PC Build Toolkit – $16.19 on Amazon

We use the term “all-in-one” loosely here. It’s some-in-one, but that doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it. If you don’t want to invest much money or just don’t want to sift through a bunch of products, this computer repair kit has many of the items you’ll need. Use the magnetic mat to keep screws organized. There is a tool that allows you to magnetize or demagnetize screwdriver heads. You can even extend the screwdriver necks or bend them. (Get this item)


Tools for building a PC are very different from the tools you may already have lying around your house. Investing just $100 in these tools can make your PC build faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

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