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3 AI Customer Service Assistants You Can Trust

Are AI customer service assistants the future of the industry? NerdSimple believes they are.

Customer service is an essential part of running a successful business

Chances are, you know this from experience. You’ve been stuck on hold for an hour only to be disconnected. You’ve had to repeat your problem to five different people before getting to someone who can help you. Maybe you were never helped at all.

It leaves a bad taste in your mouth and likely changes your impression of the company. Need proof? See below.

  • According to a 2020 SalesForce survey, 89% of consumers are more likely to return to a brand after a good customer service experience.
  • The same survey states that 83% of consumers expect to speak with a representative immediately.
  • A 2018 Microsoft customer survey found that 61% of consumers switched brands due to poor customer service.

How AI can help with customer service

If you’re a business owner, you need stellar customer service, and AI customer service assistants can help.

Customer service is essential, but it’s also time-consuming, and since time is money, it turns out to be a costly part of running a company. If you own a startup company or a small business, your options are typically:

  1. Do it yourself (which keeps you from other parts of the business and may result in burnout).
  2. Outsource (which may affect communication standards).
  3. Hire a customer care team (which is effective but expensive).

We’re here to offer a fourth option: AI customer service.

The top 3 AI customer service bots for business

Below are three AI customer service assistants you can trust to take care of your customers.


LiveChat offers an AI chatbot you can design to fit your customer needs without knowing how to code. Simply drag and drop within the conversation builder and test it within the builder to ensure you like how it looks from a customer’s point of view. Use the Chat Widget to add this feature to your website.

In addition, LiveChat acquires customer data to create more personalized experiences and assist with lead generation. You can also sign up for their HelpDesk feature, which lets you assign tickets, should your customers run into an issue that requires more hands-on assistance.

This platform is trusted by major brands like McDonald’s, PayPal, and Mercedes Benz. It integrates with Twitter, WhatsApp, Message Translator, Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Helpdesk, and more.

The crew saw the need for a more “human-friendly” chatbot, and they delivered. They offer drag-and-drop options for aesthetics as well as conversation options. View a demo of the builder here. If you prefer, you can choose a template. offers chatbots for surveys, appointment bookings, meetings, and, of course, customer service. Features include calendar integration, time zone detection, widgets, and more. Save the time you spend sifting through emails to schedule an appointment, and offer customers 24/7 service with

It’s trusted by brands like Airbnb, TechStars, and even the UK government website.


Solvvy may be the most customizable AI customer service assistant we’ve looked at so far. It has several aesthetic options, ensuring the bot content is on brand. Solvvy utilizes the latest AI tech, as researched by Carnegie-Mellon University, which means it sounds shockingly natural for a bot.

Solvvy can direct customers to the correct agent, or, in many cases, it can solve the problems by itself. Integrations allow Solvvy to provide agents with detailed reports, so issues are resolved quickly, and it can answer basic questions (“Where is my package?”) and even walk customers through a sale on your eCommerce website.

Join brands like Calm, Scribd, and Stash when you choose this AI customer service assistant.


There are a number of AI customer service assistants that can take the weight of providing excellent customer service off your shoulders. You can’t go wrong with LiveChat,, or Solvvy.

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