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Destiny 2 TWAB Bungie Day for July 7th, 2022

Each week Bungie gives the Destiny 2 community a preview of what's coming up. NerdSimple dives into this week's Bungie Day TWAB and shares the highlights.

This week we’re celebrating BUNGIE DAY! What is Bungie Day? In Bungie’s own words: “Bungie Day was created by our amazing community long, long ago because of something to do with our weird fixation on the number seven. So here we are on the seventh day of the seventh month celebrating our still-amazing community and the years of action-packed memories forged in the worlds we’ve created.”

I’ve been a Destiny player since it first was in Beta way back before Destiny 1 was released, and have never stop ped playing. I love the game, the community, and everything about the stories the team tells. This current Season of the Haunted has tackled mental health, grief, loss, redemption – I can’t say enough about how special of a season it’s been.

This week’s TWAB (This Week at Bungie) is centered around the community. They are asking for videos and photos of great cosplay, memories and friends we’ve made, and more. It’s well worth the read.

Not to mention the hive worm plush (!!!)

If you love gaming, and Destiny 2 as much as well, please go check out this community focused TWAB. Eyes up Guardian!

Mitch R.
Mitch R.
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