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Microsoft Speeds Up the Xbox Series X|S Startup

With some tweaks in a new software update, you get to wait 5 seconds less to start shooting those space aliens!

What changed?

In the most recent insider test builds of the Xbox Series X|S operating system, the cold boot start time has been shortened by around 4-5 seconds. This was accomplished by reducing the length of the startup animation.

Xbox insider testers quickly took notice and Microsoft confirmed in a 7/23 tweet exactly what the case was.

Josh Munsee, director of Xbox integrated marketing, says the team created “a shorter boot up animation (~4s) from the original boot up animation (~9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time.”

Not just Xbox Series X|S consoles get the benefit of the change. “Xbox One generation consoles are booting noticeably faster with these changes,” explains Jake Rosenberg, senior product manager lead at Xbox.

Xbox owners will need to use Energy Saver mode instead of Stand By mode to realize the time savings on their startup time. Energy Saver lets you power on the console and immediately start playing, and is generally better for the environment (and your electric bill!) but it means the console fully powers off, instead of entering a standby state.

We’re looking very forward to seeing this update get to all Xbox users in the near future!

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Mitch R.
Mitch R.
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