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Get eCommerce Funding For Your Business Today

SellersFunding offers up to $5M in eCommerce funding designed for well established Amazon or other D2C sellers. NerdSimple takes a look at how SellersFunding works and how they can help grow your business.

Get Funding to grow your Amazon Business Today by Qualifying for SellersFunding. Qualification can be a bit challenging for newer businesses, but if you’re already off to a good start, here’s what it takes.

* At least six months of Amazon sales history
* At least $20,000 in profits over the past six months
* Positive customer feedback and account health metrics

SellersFunding is an online lender that offers unsecured short-term loans and amazon revenue advances. You may qualify easier for the daily advance product than the loan product depending on your sales data.

SellersFunding requires business owners to back the advance and loan products with a personal guarantee. This means that the business owner is liable paying off the loan if the business folds or can’t pay back the debt.

SellersFunding uses an algorithm to help you get approved quickly – sometimes in around a minute unless additional manual review is required. After you’ve accepted the loan, it typically takes between two and three business days to get your funds. If you’ve read enough and want to check them out, click here to visit SellersFunding and get started! Otherwise, read on for more details.

While there’s no restriction on what type of business can apply for a SellersFunding business loan, it’s made to meet the specific needs of Amazon sellers. The application doesn’t take more than a few minutes and is primarily based on the past six months of sales. The short terms make the loan especially useful for businesses that need funding to prepare for an uptick in sales to purchase inventory, bring on more staff and more.

In addition to short-term business loans, SellersFunding also offers what it calls a “daily advance”. You can receive up to 90% (based on qualifications) of your previous days sales the very next day, instead of the standard 7-14 days that Amazon holds proceeds from sales after shipment. This allows a business to roll the previous days revenue right back into the business for more rapid growth.

Sellers funding also supports other great marketplaces and platforms.


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