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Tech Trends: 3 Fitness Trackers Worth a Look

Choosing the right fitness tracker depends on many factors. Let NerdSimple help you navigate this technology health trend.

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Is a fitness tracker right for me?

People like to talk about how technology contributes to a sedentary lifestyle, but we want to look at how technology can help you stay in shape. Fitbit revolutionized the technology health industry by creating a wearable fitness tracker that not only integrated the device with a software platform, but also looked fashionable.

It wasn’t long before every tech brand began creating its own version, each trying to add something unique to claim the number one spot in the fitness tracker category.

Fitness Tracker

Choosing the “best” fitness tracker depends on your goals, your budget, and, more often than not, the gadgets you already own. Do you want to track your sleep cycle? Count your steps? Monitor heart rate? Check texts on the treadmill without digging your phone out of a gym bag?

There’s a tracker for that.

Our favorite three fitness trackers

Fitbit Charge 5 ($105-$150)

Fitbit has changed a lot since the original Fitbit Tracker. As with all Fitbits, the Charge 5 uses a 3-axis accelerometer to count steps, calculate the distance you’ve walked, and determine how many calories you’ve burned. In addition to the accelerometer for indoor and outdoor walking, this version comes equipped with GPS tracking to see where and how far you’ve gone in real-time.

Other features include a workout optimization tool, stress management tool, heart rate tracker, and sleep tracker. The battery lasts up to seven days on a single charge, and the company has improved screen brightness since the Charge 4.While the device itself costs about $105, it is important to note that many features will only work if you subscribe to a Fitbit Premium membership.

Amazon Halo View ($80, on sale for $45 on Prime Day)

If you’re looking for a more basic fitness tracker option that still manages to offer multiple benefits, consider the Amazon Halo View. As well as counting steps, it also provides metrics like heart rate, sleep score, and blood oxygen levels. Connecting to the Halo app allows you to access personalized fitness programs, healthy recipes, meditation exercises, and even utilize the app’s BMI tool.

As with all Amazon products, you can get all the information your Halo collects just by asking Alexa.

The Amazon Halo View is around $80 on Amazon, and unlocking most features requires a premium subscription. However, the purchase of this device includes a one-year membership.

Apple Watch Series 7 ($429, on sale for $309 on Prime Day)

Apple offers several options that last up to eighteen hours on a single charge and act as basic fitness trackers. The Series 7 starts at $399, and we’ve chosen to look more closely at this one because it has the most features. No matter your fitness activity of choice, the Apple Watch Series 7 can keep up. It’s water-resistant and crack-resistant, and it offers an ECG app, irregular heart rhythm notification, and a blood oxygen monitor. It can also detect if you’ve had a hard fall and make emergency calls.

An Apple Watch works in tandem with an iPhone, so if you don’t have one, you’d probably be better off choosing a different tracker. For example, if you have an Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 may be a good alternative to the Apple Watch Series 7


There is no denying that modern fitness trackers can help keep you healthy in multiple ways. In addition to counting steps and calories burned, they provide vital data that may alert wearers to issues such as heart arrhythmia, sleep apnea, and high blood pressure (although none are designed to be used as medical devices). Through apps and subscriptions, you can also benefit from additional tools like exercise routines and other health-focused ideas.

Although you have to keep in mind that extra perks come with extra costs, investing in a fitness tracker is bound to cost less than a personal trainer—and may be just as effective.

Be sure to look for more helpful tech guides from our team at NerdSimple, and give us a shout if there’s a topic you’re interested in learning more about!

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