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The 4 Best CRM Tools for Managing a Sales Team

Customer relationship management software has become a key component for sales teams. Which CRM tool is right for you?

What is CRM?

Customer relationship management software keeps businesses and organizations informed about clients and customers. They allow managers to collect and compile data such as contact info, sales opportunities, and service issues in one place. These tools also help with marketing and enable users to track campaigns easily.

The 3 Main Types of CRM systems

There are three types of CRM systems: operational, analytical, and collaborative.

1.       Operational CRM

This type of CRM focuses on leads—generating, converting, and retaining.  Its purpose is to streamline operations between departments and store information. How might operational CRM help your sales team? You can use it to manage and contact leads and make sales forecasts.

2.       Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM provides insight by gathering customer data and organizing it into trends. How would this help your sales team? Analytical CRM data can help your team learn preferences and pain points, allowing them to develop new, effective strategies for acquiring and keeping customers.

3.       Collaborative CRM

A Collaborative CRM is typically used in customer service rather than sales. Keep track of customer exchanges and identify preferred communication channels. How can this help your sales team? While it is more service-oriented, this type of CRM can be crucial for upselling.

Now that you know the types of customer relationship management software available, let’s look at some of the best ones on the market.

The Top 4 CRM’s to Consider For Your Business

Here is our list of 4 CRM tools for managing your sales team.

1.       Salesforce Sales Cloud – starting at $25/user/month

Sales is in its name—twice! We love that this CRM software is user-friendly and focuses on automation. Automate approval for expense reports, travel, and discounts, and customize your sales process in the CRM to fit your team’s needs exactly. Keep your sales team on track with real-time updates, build reports with drag-and-drop, and keep track of metrics using customer analytics software.

2.       Zoho – starting at $14/user/month

Zoho CRM caters to sales leaders by providing simple, all-in-one solutions for meetings, sales forecasts, training, and more. Migrate information from your current CRM, and access your data from any device. Zoho integrates seamlessly with existing apps, like LinkedIn and Google Workspace. Automate sales assignments using the criteria of your choice, and customize your sales processes. This tool has won several awards, and we can see why.

3.       HubSpot – starting at $0/user/month

This CRM tool offers contact management and a user-friendly sales dashboard that allows sales leaders to see how their team is doing in real-time. HubSpot CRM lets salespeople call and email leads straight from the app, and it also integrates with Gmail and Outlook, allowing team members to see when a potential customer opens an email. Track deals and stay organized using this popular and free CRM tool.

4.       Insightly – starting at $29/user/month

Insightly makes your CRM feel like a personal assistant. Their software will route leads to your sales team to ensure they follow up in the expected timeframe. Automate workflow, improve customer relationships with record-linking capabilities, and convert sales into projects while keeping all existing data intact. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is the ability to create a customized app for your team.


Although all of these customer relationship management tools center around streamlining workflow, these four have certain features that make them stand out. Whether your focus is on automation, integration, lead follow-up, or customer relations, there is a CRM tool that’s just right for managing your sales team.

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