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Why Are Landing Pages Important?

Does your service or product appeal to a diverse audience? Use landing pages to draw the traffic your main website might be missing.

Benefits of Landing Pages

Congratulations! You have a website for your business. You’ve researched keywords, written unique content, and are ready to attract customers. But are you drawing all possible traffic?

Chances are, you haven’t used all the keywords in your arsenal, and that’s valuable SEO going to waste. How can you ensure every targeted demographic finds your product or service while retaining content that’s easy to read on your homepage? You can’t, and trying only results in keyword flooding and disjointed sentences that leave consumers with a negative impression.

So, what’s the solution? Landing pages.

Landing Pages Explained

Let’s say you run a dog training business in Washington, D.C., specializing in group obedience classes. Obviously, you create a website that appeals to people interested in group training classes that live in Washington, D.C.

However, you also serve Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, etc., and offer private training for dogs with more severe behavioral problems. Can your homepage contain all of that information and effectively cater to every targeted demographic? Of course not, so you focus on your largest demographic and biggest potential income draw.

Landing pages can do what your homepage can’t.

Start with five landing pages and give each a different focus. You can use the same domain as your website or use this opportunity to scoop up other domains similar to the one you already use. Go through a domain marketplace like NameCheap or GoDaddy to see what’s available and make a purchase.

Use different keywords and key phrases on each page, such as:

  • Dog training in Alexandria
  • Aggressive dog training in Washington, D.C.
  • Dog training in Bethesda
  • Private dog training in Washington, D.C.
  • Dog training in Arlington

Remember that you absolutely should not copy-and-paste content, as Google will pick up on this, affecting your indexing, a.k.a. the ability for customers to find you. If you aren’t sure if your content passes the originality test, you can always run it through a plagiarism checker, like the one available through Grammarly.

While there is no “magic percentage” as far as original content, I always aim for at least 95%.

What to Include in a Landing Page

Your landing page should include a headline, your business name, a brief description of services, relevant keywords, contact info, and a call to action.

The most important of these is the call to action. This is what guides your customers to the next step and gets them closer to conversion. A good CTA for landing pages could be:

  • Buy now
  • Download now
  • Subscribe today
  • Contact us
  • Click this link

Add supporting images to the overall look and an interesting stat or customer review, if available.

Landing Page Resources

Below, you’ll find resources for everything you need to make a successful landing page.

  • GoDaddy – Domain marketplace and website host
  • NameCheap – Domain marketplace and website host
  • Elementor Cloud – Website host and drag-and-drop builder
  • Grammarly – Online writing assistant and plagiarism checker
  • SEMrush – Keyword research tool


Focus on your main website first. That will be your primary source for customer conversion. However, don’t forget to go back and create landing pages to appeal to more niche sections of your customer demographic. Many resources are available to help you make a successful landing page, from this article to domain marketplaces, plagiarism checkers, and keyword research tools.

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